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How do I wire and program for Door Ajar and/or a Forced Entry Zone using the NAPCO AccessPro, GEM-ACM1D Access Control Accessory and the GEM-2D Second Door Access Control Accessory?


Wire a door contact to ACM terminals 25 and 26 on the GEM-ACM1D (terminals 43 and 44 on the GEM-2D with a 2.2K EOLR.  The same or separate zones can be used, depending on how the conditions are desired to operate.  The zone or zones must...

My customers existing GEM-ACM1D access control system is using GEM-PX readers and GEM-PXC cards. Can I use HID readers and cards for new doors and cards that I plan to add to the system?

No, the system can only be configured to use either Napco readers and cards --or-- HID readers and cards.  HID cards will not function with GEM-PX readers, and GEM-PXC cards will not function with HID readers.

My Gemini GEM-ACM1D access control kit came with GEM-PX readers and GEM-PXC cards. Is there anything in the PCD-Windows Quickloader program that I need to enable for those readers and cards to work?

The GEM-ACM1D is pre-configured at the factory for 26-bit proximity cards and readers; however, if you wish to use Napco cards and readers, you must check the Napco Proprietary Access Format checkbox in the Quickloader Keypad Assignment screen, ACM...

My customer’s GEM-ACM is arming and / or disarming all Areas after a card swipe. How do I program the doors to disarm only the Areas to which they are assigned?

Using PCD-Windows Quickloader, go to the Keypad Assignment screen, ACM Assignment tab.  Uncheck both the Arm All Areas Allowed and Disarm All Areas Allowed checkboxes (as shown in the image below).  After downloading these changes to the...

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