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Why are some of my Indala Prox cards not working?

While using Indala prox cards, the parity settings change over badge number 35,535. If you are using badge numbers below and above number 35,535, set the parity settings to zeros, and all badge numbers should work. 

Can I have two different 36 bit formats in the CardAccess software?

NO...   You can't have two formats in the CardAccess software with the same badge length.

What is the first thing I can try when my badges are reading the wrong number on a brand new Continental System?

The first and quickest thing is to Swap Data 0 and Data 1 lines right at the panel. After doing so, swipe the badge and see if this corrects the problem. If not, put the Data lines back to their original position.

Does the Super Two support PIV formats?

Yes, but the feature must be turned on in the software license/security key. This is unlike the other controllers.

What can cause the wrong badge number to display when I swipe a badge on a new panel?

If Data 0 and Data 1 are swapped on the panel, the wrong number will display. Swap the data lines and see if the problem is resolved. If not, put them back to the way they were.

What can cause a NO READ when I present my new badges to a reader?

If the correct badge format is not in the CardAccess 3000 software, an alert will not display. You must verify the correct badge format is listed under "Administration>Badge Formats" for the badge to read.

Why is my PIV card reading an incorrect number and also getting two reads?

Some PIV readers and PIV badges are dual technology. A dual technology PIV reader can read the PIV section of the badge and also read another technology in the badge such as 125KHZ. The reader will beep twice and the CardAccess 3000 will display...

What is the part number for the Continental 36 bit format and the standard 26 bit format?

1) The Continental 36 bit format part number is : C10202   2) Industry standard 26 bit format is : H10301

Where can I find the Facility Code and Card Bit Type on the keyfob or proximity card?

This information is usually printed on the manufacturer's box that contains the keyfobs or proximity cards.  If this box is lost or misplaced, contact HID Tech Support at 1-800-237-7769 and give them the HID numbers printed on the card or...

How do I determine the badge format of my existing badges?

Unless you have the original packaging, it is very difficult to determine the exact badge format in the field. You have a few options:

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