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What are the part numbers for the Network Adapters on the Super Two, Accelaterm and Accelerator?

CICP1300NETBD - Network adapter for the Super Two. CICP18ACCNETBD - Network adapter for the Accelaterm and the Accelerator. It is a standard feature on the Accelaterm and optional on the Accelerator

How do I reset a password that was set for Telnet while programming the Lantronix Xport?.

For the Supertwo and Accelaterm Lantronix XPort, it is recommended not to set a password for Telnet while configuring the XPort. If you set a password and do not remember it, please contact Lantronix for the correct reset procedure. 

How do I program a Lantronix UDS-1100 or a Super Two/Accelaterm Network interface board?

To program a lantronix UDS-1100 or a Lantronix Xport, you must download the "DeviceInstaller" utility from Lantronix.

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