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Can I extend the wires of the proximity reader with an ArchiTech lock?

No. The ArchiTech proximity readers have been specifically designed to operate with the exact length of wires that run from the reader to the PC board, as provided from factory. Do not extend (or cut) these wires as changing their length will likely...

How do you remove a Bluetooth smartphone from an ArchiTech series (N90 or N95) door lock? How will each Bluetooth user appear in the DL-Windows database?

When you add your first Bluetooth (smartphone) User to an ArchiTech series lock, the smartphone will become User 7000 in the lock (a log entry will be generated for User 7000 every time that smartphone is used to open the lock).  A second...

Can I control a standard electric strike by connecting it directly to the Alarm Lock ArchiTech series surface-mounted Networx Control Module and Proximity Reader?

No, the operational modes and current draw specifications of the ArchiTech series control units are only designed to be used with ArchiTech series hardware.  The only Networx-compatible product designed to control an electric strike or magnet is...

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